3.  The new qualifying system


F1 season
Courtesy: crash.net

The new qualifying system approved by the FIA to be implemented from the Australian Grand Prix itself, is sure to spice things up and offers no room for error.

It works on an elimination process with the new structure as follows:

Q1: The first part of the Qualifying will now take place for 16 minutes with the slowest driver getting eliminated  after 7 minutes. This will be followed by the elimination of one other driver after every 90 seconds until the chequered flag, bringing the total to 7 eliminated drivers.

Q2: The second part of the qualifying with 15 drivers will take place for a total time of 15 minutes with the first driver getting eliminated after 6 minutes following which, 6 more drivers will be eliminated after every 90s.

Q3: The final part of qualifying involving 8 drivers will last for 14 minutes with the first driver getting eliminated after 5 minutes following which the elimination of drivers every 90s. For the final 90s, two drivers will be left fighting for the pole position.

This certainly is a very radical move, something that will take time getting used to. Let’s hope it gets the job done of making every minute of the qualifying process more exciting.


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