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FA Cup Deal with Betting Website Told to be Reconsidered by the Secretary

FA Cup Deal with Betting Website Told to be Reconsidered by the Secretary


Recently, the FA Cup sold their broadcasting rights to a gambling website and the Government has immediately told the Association to reconsider the deal.

The Secretary said “things have moved on” since the deal was negotiated. However, the Culture, Media, and Sports head claims that it is time to think past the betting site.

Bet365, the betting website, has the broadcasting rights since the start of last season. It shows the streaming on its app and the official website.

The matches are only available to the people who have placed a bet at least 24 hours before the kick-off. The people who have also put a deposit in the account have access to the streaming.

Sports minister Nigel Adams also said “The gambling landscape has changed since this deal was signed in early 2017. All sports bodies need to be mindful of the impact that problem gambling can have on the most vulnerable.”

The FA Cup has also said that they will review the elements of the sales of the rights. They will look into it before the start of the 2024-25 season.

It was announced by FA that they were cutting ties with the gambling firm in 2017. Though, the deal had already taken place. The announcement said “The FA agreed a media rights deal with IMG in early 2017, part of which permits them to sell the right to show live footage or clips of FA Cup matches to bookmakers”

It claimed that Bet365 acquires the rights from IMG to use it from the start of the 2018-19 season. Tracey Crouch, the former Sports Minister has also said that the FA was always skeptical about ties with the gambling association to their name. Minister, who had resigned from his post in 2018 added that some members claimed it was deeply uncomfortable and disappointed by the sale.

Bet365 also offers viewing services of sports such as basketball, darts, snooker, and squash. The company also hit revenue to £2 billion after the Brexit.

The gambling website believes that the FA Cup streaming added value to their customers. The competition’s broadcast helps people see the Cup matches with greater ease.

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