2. 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso's Top 5 Races
Sergio Perez(2nd) congratulating Fernando Alonso of Spain.

Like the European Grand Prix in 2007, this race also started under the onslaught of a heavy downpour and was suspended in the ninth lap but Alonso started the race in 11th position. After the restart, Alonso steadily moved through the midfield to overtake Sergio Perez for the lead on lap 16, with his excellent driving skills and consistency. Alonso drove fantastically in front until he was chased down by the quick Sergio Perez to within two seconds. Alonso held the Mexican by covering the corners and not letting Perez within the DRS range. A pit stop by most of the drivers towards the end of the race ensured a comfortable victory for the Spaniard. This was another one of Fernando Alonso’s top 5 races.


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