Formula 1 in its 67 year history has set foot in some amazing circuits, some of which have been used throughout the existence of F1. The old school tracks like Monza, Monaco and Spa are always a delight for drivers and fans. Though a lot of the track characteristics have been changed since the original layout, the love for them has never vanished.

The Ascari Complex

This corner was initially called as the Vialone chicane. It was renamed as the Ascari chicane in honor of the two time Formula 1 World Champion and Ferrari driver Alberto Ascari. In 1955, during a private testing of the Ferrari 750 Monza, Ascari crashed at the Chicane complex and lost his life.

The Ascari Chicane

The chicane was part of the initial layout of the track but has undergone some changes over the years. A very important part of the track as Monza is filled with high speed corners.

After the two Lesmos, the car passes through a short straight to gain some speed. The braking point to the entry of the complex is quite tricky and sometimes causes drivers to cut the chicane.

Marshals watch on as dust settles from Karthikeyan’s off

It is important to get a good exit from the chicane as this would lead directly to the final corner of the track, the Parabolica which needs to be perfect for a good lap time.


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