All the corners at Monaco are special and seem iconic. There’s one corner that stands out which hasn’t changed much since the start of Formula 1, thats Tabac.

Yachts overlooking Tabac

The short left hander before the swimming pool section has been very challenging for most drivers. Tabac is a very quick corner and needs a little bit of lift. It is named as Tabac as there were Tobacconists on the outside of the corner.

This corner is a very underrated corner but a very important one. Before the swimming pool section was introduced, it was pretty much a straight till La Rascasse after Tabac. Hence it was very important to get right.

Image showing Tabac as well as the swimming pool section

After passing through the iconic Monaco tunnel and going through the first chicane, drivers would come up to Tabac and carry the speed till the penultimate corner. In the 1970’s however, a swimming pool was built creating the two quick chicanes in the swimming pool section.


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