Red Bull

Ricciardo vs Verstappen

The Red Bull Tag Heuer team are sitting comfortably in P3 with Sahara Force India 83 points behind them. The Austrian marquee could have raked in even more points but both drivers, particularly Verstappen, were outdone by mechanical issues. In the intra-team qualifying battle, Verstappen leads Ricciardo with a score of 7-4. In terms of race results, the two can only be realistically compared on 3 occasions where Verstappen leads Ricciardo 2-1. In the other races, at least one Red Bull has failed to see the chequered flag. Without the race retirements, who knows what the results could have read.

Force India

Perez vs Ocon

The Force India team have established themselves as genuine threats to become the best of the rest behind the Big 3. They are currently 60 points ahead of Williams and safe from any threat. Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon have been going hammer and tongs at each other for a number of occasions. Perez holds the qualifying record over Ocon with a score of 9-2. In terms of race results, although Perez has the upper hand with a score of 8-3, Ocon has started to challenge his more experienced teammate from Monaco onwards.


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