Funniest Kimi Raikkonen quotes

Kimi Raikkonen, the popular Iceman and the 2007 World Champion is amongst the most popular drivers on the grid, with such a strong fanbase. His driving skills especially during his prime seasons as a Ferrari driver from 2007-2009, justify the fan following. There is more to the Iceman than his driving skills. His witty responses and straightforward approach during interviews definitely make him immensely famous for standing out from the crowd!

As a special tribute to the Iceman on his birthday today, we bring you the funniest Kimi Raikkonen sayings:

Funniest Kimi Raikkonen Sayings

6. ‘It feels normal’

So if you were given a chance to ask a Formula One driver something, everyone will definitely ask how it is to be on one of those cars, with all that adrenaline rush and high speeds.

So an interviewer asks Kimi, “How does it feel to drive at 300km/h?”

Kimi:  “It feels normal”

Certainly not a reply you were hoping for!

Brazilian GP
Kimi Raikkonen


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