Max Verstappen
Helmut Marko was concerned about Verstappen's investigation turning out negative

Max Verstappen may not be a part of the Red Bull F1 team anytime soon. You could call it a fictional theory. You could call it a conspiracy theory that some random people may have conjured to beat a boring day. Some, however, may feel that Helmut Marko, who is of the opinion has a reason that may be true.

So what exactly is happening and is there really concern to Helmut Marko’s fears about Red Bull losing out on Max Verstappen?

Here is what you need to know. But first up, a matter of fact. A number of motorsport journals had published reports surrounding Max Verstappen’s imminent F1 future. While on the one hand, there were constant reports that how Max is the blue-eyed boy of Red Bull, the team now being bereft of Ricciardo, there’s hardly been any dearth of news indicating Max Verstappen may leave Red Bull.

Here’s what Helmut Marko, among the most noted figures in the sport had to say about the 5-time Grand Prix winner and 24 podium grabber:

Speaking on the subject of being ‘worried’, the Austrian had to say:” Of course I am,” the Red Bull driver manager told Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport.

He is also worried Pirelli is supplying what he describes as “Mercedes tyres” in 2019.

“At the moment there is only one car that is winning and it is Mercedes,” said Marko.

“We have taken a step backwards even though our performance is better,” he would go on to add.

At this point in time, Verstappen, who’s fourth on the constructor standings, is only 4 points adrift of Sebastian Vettel, on third. The equation regarding Max Verstappen and Red Bull in the current season is pretty simple. The more he scores, the better the chances of the Horner outfit to close the gap between the two frontrunners at the front- Mercedes and Ferrari.