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Mercedes won yet another race at Canada. It didn’t seem that that would happen though. But the way in which Ferrari were reduced to being petulant complainers in the end- given the unexpected five-second penalty that was handed to Vettel- Mercedes exerted their might, once again.

While this may not have been expected since at the 2018 Canadian Grand Prix, it was Sebastian Vettel who reigned supreme at a track where Hamilton has won comprehensively in the past, it could be said that Toto Wolff may not have felt bad in the end, after all.

The win at Canada marked the fifth overall victory for Mercedes’s star driver Lewis Hamilton and the team’s gaining seventh win in as many races. That said, given their dominance this season, where until the Spanish Grand Prix (of 2019) they just didn’t allow another team to clinch even the second spot on the podium- Hamilton and Bottas being responsible for five straight Mercedes 1 and 2- speaks of the phenomenal form that the Silver Arrows have been in.

And maybe it’s this unreal form by the Toto Wolff-outfit that has compelled Helmut Marko of Red Bull to say what he recently did. And before you dive into that direction, it’s important to note the preface.

The experienced figure at Red Bull happens to feel that in some way, Mercedes are benefiting hugely this season. So here’s what the Austrian had to say in the post-Canadian Grand Prix aftermath:

“It’s noticeable that the rule changes and decisions lately have always been good for Mercedes.

Suddenly in 2019 only Mercedes always gets the temperatures in the correct working window. Everyone else not. The concepts of all the cars was for less downforce. Only Mercedes built a car with a lot of downforce and traction, and in hindsight, that was exactly the way to get the most from these new tyres.”

credits: For the win USA Today

But the above told, here’s a question to Helmut Marko. Sir, have you not seen the several past instances where Ferrari came quite close to winning a Grand Prix but their chances were left undone either by poor luck or by their own strategic blunders?

For instance, at the Spanish Grand Prix of 2019, which was also the case with the race at Shanghai, the 1000th Formula 1 Grand Prix, for the better part of the contest, both Ferrari drivers were seen battling with each other as the Mercedes blokes chipped away from the catching duo.

Moreover, at the Bahrain Grand Prix, hosted at Sakhir’s electrifying night race, would you blame Mercedes for the car failure in Leclerc’s Ferrari, the young man clinching the pole the other day to start from the front row?

All that said, ever heard of the concept of sour grapes, sir? On a more serious note, it could be said that while none of the Red Bull drivers have been able to win a race, they’ve significantly closed the gap in the front to the leaders- Mercedes, followed by Ferrari speaks of some effort by the likes of Verstappen and Gasly which must be appreciated. Isn’t it?