How to Become a Better Basketball Player


Basketball is a game that requires stamina, coordination, strength, speed and intelligence to master, and by working on these points you can become a better basketball player almost overnight. While your skills in one area of basketball may not jump to the level of an NBA player instantly you will see a vast improvement in your overall game by working on each component with a blue-collar type work ethic. It is a wise move to look at the individual basketball skills that you possess, and those that you do not possess honestly and objectively and then proceed with a plan to become a better basketball player through hard work and practice. It’s important to remember that no one can make you a better basketball player regardless of how well you may be coached without a certain degree of self-motivation to excel in the sport.

Sports experts working with assignment help and college homework help says,the first step to become a better basketball player is to work on the weak points in your personal game. Regardless of what they may be, dissect the reason why you are not good at them and then practice regularly to get better. For example, if you are an excellent shooter and are poor at ball handling skip practicing shooting as frequently and spend more time dribbling and passing. Your basketball skills that are strong are so because they come naturally and they will not suffer extensively by missing a few days of practice. Utilize your practice time wisely and don’t waste effort on skills that do not need improvement – focus on the skills that are lacking.

Students help websites pay for writing papers and accounting assignment help says, you can also become a better basketball player by obtaining a relationship with a good coach that is knowledgeable and experienced in the sport. While this is a great step to become a better basketball player it is useless without an individual that does their part to make the relationship work. Listen attentively to coaching advice and don’t be afraid to ask questions – remember you are a student in a learning process as applied to sports. Your desire to become a better basketball player will be recognized and your coach may take a personal interest in helping you to excel.


When planning a practice plan, it is extremely important to keep the following four points in mind:

  1. FOCUS ON THE BASICS, THE FUNDAMENTALS -Take the time to teach basic skills such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defensive position, and rebounding. If youth master these skills, they will feel more confident in themselves when learning defensive and offensive plays and playing in actual games. Drills should be used as a part of practice everyday that emphasize fundamental skills.
  2. VARY ACTIVITY- Keep practices interesting by not spending more than 5-10 minutes on any specific activity or drill. Children and teens have shorter attention spans than adults and can only keep complete focus on something for a limited amount of time without becoming bored, frustrated, or otherwise uninterested.
  3. STAY POSITIVE-  coursework help service and research paper writing service advised  avoid negative comments, and only use constructive criticism. A coach should be a positive role model for the youth they coach.
  4. REVIEW OFTEN- When you teach something new, review it often in subsequent practices to keep it fresh in your players’ minds. Ask your players what they don’t understand and be willing to demonstrate anything they need a refresher on.

I expect a lot out of the girls on my team, they work hard and are expected to learn a lot, however I do not believe in yelling, screaming, and/or swearing at them, like other coaches I’ve observed over the years do. I believe in treating my players with respect and providing them with a positive and fun learning experience where they learn how to play the game of basketball, learn what it means to be part of a team with a common goal, gain confidence in themselves, and learn the value of good sportsmanship.

Finally, you can become a better basketball player by watching the best basketball players in the NBA and absorb how the game is played away from the ball. Just about every professional basketball game is a chess match of strategy that is ripe in it’s potential to learn how success is achieved and you can become a better basketball player by becoming a student of the sport and learning how victory is enable