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Imperfections of the IPL teams

Imperfections of the IPL teams

2) Royal Challengers Bangalore

From being the odds on favorites for the title, to being 7th in the table, a lot has gone right for Virat Kohli’s men, but a lot more has gone terribly wrong. The major problem with RCB is the lack of balance in their squad. They are either way too strong in the batting department or way too weak in their bowling.

So what’s the solution to their problem?

One of either Chris Gayle or Shane Watson has to be dropped.  Looking at RCB’s scores in this year’s IPL, Gayle and Watson have made no contribution with the bat, so dropping Gayle should not be a major problem. Watson has been underwhelming with the bat but has been a decent bowler and has taken crucial wickets. With Chris Jordan in the team now, it is highly unlikely that Gayle and Watson will play together. So how do they reach the right balance?

New Lineup : Rahul, Kohli, de Villiers, Sarfaraz, Sachin Baby, H. Patel, Nechim, Binny, Chahal, Jordan and Milne.

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