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Imperfections of the IPL teams

Imperfections of the IPL teams

7) Kolkata Knight Riders

SRK’s men have looked like 2 different teams this season. One that bats first and the other that chases down totals. Interestingly, both their losses have come when they have batted first. So what actually has gone wrong?

Unlike most of their seasons, they look over-reliant on Uthappa and Gambhir this season. To add to that, they haven’t quite figured out which 4 international players would give them the right balance.

So what team should KKR play in the their upcoming matches?

Uthappa, Gambhir, C. Lynn, M. Pandey, S. Kumar, Y. Pathan, A. Russel, P. Chawla, S. Naraine, U. Yadav and M. Morkel

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