Schumacher Brothers race amid tragedy

Inspirational F1 stories

F1 drivers are the most physically and mentally fit athletes in the world. They cope up with the extreme G-Forces on the track and a host of political pressures off it. From intra-team competition to the demands of team bosses and fans, an F1 driver faces a lot of pressure. Unsurprisingly, majority of the drivers fiercely guard their personal lives and families from the media spotlight. This is done so that hey can have their slice of peace when they head back home. But what if things are not good back at home?

In April 2003 an unfortunate event stood face the Schumacher brothers as a week prior, their mother Elisabeth had fell down at her home and went into a coma. On Saturday, the brothers showed intense guts and locked out the front row. Immediately after qualifying, they flew to Germany to be at her side. They returned on Sunday to race. But, a few hours before the race the news of her demise reached them.

In true sportsmanlike fashion the brothers raced and bade a true farewell to their mother. She worked at a canteen beside the track to fund Michael’s racing career and always encouraged them to keep racing. The race finished with Michael taking his 65th career win and Ralf finishing 4th, the best his Williams could achieve. Atop the podium in tears , no champaign was sprayed and no celebration broke out as a mark of respect.

To race amidst such personal adversities requires great courage and self-belief. And on that day the Schumacher brothers showed it to the world that F1 is not made up of mechanical bits and machines but of human spirit to triumph against all odds.


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