Is Kimi Raikkonen worthy of the second Ferrari seat?


Nico Hulkenberg:

Riding high on his success with the Porsche team to win the Le Mans 24 Hours in his first attempt, the German Nico Hulkenberg is also strongly linked with a move to Ferrari ever since 2013 when Ferrari was rumoured to oust Massa. Rumours point out that Ferrari is not willing to pair Vettel with another German.  Hulkenberg’s pre Formula One record has been staggering and certainly is one of the most under-rated racer on the F1 grid.

With 10 consecutive points finish in 2014 Hulkenberg’s consistency meant he finished way ahead of his team mate Sergio Perez with 96 points and ninth in the championship (41 more than Raikkonen). He lead his team mate 13-6 in Qualifying and 10-7 on race. Hulkenberg is as worthy of the Ferrari seat as the other contenders, though his size and weight means he is roughly 0.4s slower than others, which in Formula One is mighty big! He makes up for the lack of pace due to his size, with his immense consistency and skills, which ensures he gets the best out of the mid-field cars he’s always driven.


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