Kawhi Leonard has officially joined the Los Angeles Clippers for the upcoming NBA season. Unfortunately, it did not sit well with a number of Los Angeles Lakers fans, and some have taken it to the extreme. As it turns out, Alfred Coffee, a local chain, has banned Leonard and new teammate, Paul George. The stunt was pulled after both players joined the Clippers instead of the Lakers.

The chain made the announcement on social media and across all their joints and promised more details. The ban is real, but many expect it to not be taken very seriously especially by the fans. Most of the time, these coffee chains will be visited by students who are writing free college term papers, than NBA stars.

Needless to say, the angry Clippers fans did not take things lying down very easily. They flooded Alfred Coffee’s Instagram page with comments complaining about the ban. In response, Alfred Coffee turned off comments on at least two posts due to the spiteful comments.

Kawhi Leonard
Toronto Raptors MVP, Kawhi Leonard

It remains to be seen if Kawhi Leonard will turn up at an Alfred Coffee to bury the hatchet. The good news for Kawhi Leonard is that there will probably be several other coffee shops in Los Angeles waiting to serve him.

Leonard elected to sign a max deal with the Clippers instead of the Lakers or re-signing with the Raptors. The move has led to some mixed feelings among some people in Toronto and Los Angeles. In fact, Zanzibar, a gentlemen’s club in Toronto, offered free lapdances for life for members of the Raptors. The move came after they clinched their first NBA Championship. However, the location has seemingly made it clear that Kawhi Leonard is no longer welcome.

This just goes to show how fickle-minded some fans can be. On the other side of the fence, it also proves that fans are loyal to a team rather than a single player.