Daniel Ricciardo is said to have a fairly good relationship with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. However, it was interesting to note that the Australian admitted that Hamilton is a complex individual who is “hard to read”.

Earlier this year, the two drivers bonded at the world famous Coachella Music Festival in California. In addition to that, Ricciardo and Lewis Hamilton often joke around off camera. For this weekend’s Singapore Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton is the odds on favourite to win yet again.

If he does, Hamilton will bag his 9th win of the season and go a step closer to a sixth world championship. However, The 34-year old continues to garner mixed opinions among the fans.

So, this scenario was pitched to Ricciardo and he was asked about his take on the matter. The Australian said, “Lewis is cool [but] … I guess he is complex. I have always had positive interactions with him, but I am not silly and I can see how people have other opinions. Whether it is his lifestyle, or that sometimes he can be quite reserved and you don’t get much out of him.”

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel RIcciardo

“He has admitted, too, that he is trying to find his own feet. He put on his Instagram account that he is trying to find his purpose in life so there are times when, I guess, he is trying to figure himself out. He means well, but sometimes he can be hard to read.”

As of now, Lewis Hamilton has built up a healthy 63-point championship lead over partner Valtteri Bottas. With Mercedes having a good track record at the Marina Bay Circuit, Hamilton has every chance to widen the abyss.

If all goes his way, he can wrap up the title at the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka. This will be boosted if Bottas’ inconsistent form continues. To make matters worse for the Finn, he put his Mercedes in the wall in FP1.

However, it was worth noting that in spite of his strong championship defence, Hamilton has not had it all his own way. Further supporting this is the fact that the last six races have been shared between Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc and himself.

One bonus though, is that Sebastian Vettel has yet to open his win account and more than half the season has passed. Vettel heads into the race 115 points behind Hamilton and under increasing pressure. Especially in the wake of his latest mistake, a spin at Ferrari’s stomping ground in Monza.

Speaking about his former teammate, Ricciardo offered this as his sage advice, “He needs to go back a step, take the load off, take the pressure off, take all the s— off his shoulders and see where that takes him”.

“I don’t think Seb is done yet. I am pretty sure he is going to stay next year, but after that? I am not sure.”

Lewis Hamilton