1. 2008 British Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton's best performances
    Hamilton celebrates his home win in 2008.
    Credits- dailymail.co.uk

After failing to score in his previous two races and falling from first to fourth in Drivers’ championship, Hamilton was desperate for improvement in his home race. The weather forecast predicted a wet weekend. Hamilton started the race placed fourth on the gird on intermediate wet tyres, behind Kovalainen, Webber and Räikkönen. Webber and Räikkönen struggled for pace early and both were passed by Hamilton in the first corner. Hamilton, eager for an improved show, kept the pressure on Kovalainen by closing him down, forcing him into making a mistake and eventually passed him on Lap 5.

Kovalainen spun and was passed by Räikkönen on the tenth lap, who started cutting down Hamilton’s comfortable lead. However, a gamble by Ferrari misfired as they chose not to change Räikkönen’s tyres. Rain on subsequent laps meant a struggle for Räikkönen, who was eventually passed by Heidfeld and Kovalainen, while Hamilton gained about 8 seconds a lap. Hamilton crossed the finish line on lap 60 to win by a margin of astonishing 68 seconds. The margin of victory was the largest since the 1995 Australian Grand Prix. “It is definitely and by far the best victory I’ve ever had,” he said afterwards.


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