1. 2012 Canadian Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton's best performances
    Lewis Hamilton exults after winning the 2012 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal

After having 6 different winners in the opening 6 races of the 2012 F1 calendar, it was time time for an encore in Montreal to become the seventh such circuit. Vettel started the race on pole ahead of Hamilton and Alonso. McLaren executed a clever stop for Hamilton to leapfrog Vettel in second place. Two laps later, Hamilton overtook Alonso in the DRS zone to gain the lead.

As Hamilton’s stint wore on, Alonso was continuously eating into his lead. In the latter half of the race, he decided to make his second pit stop. He rejoined the pack in 3rd place, 9.5 seconds behind Vettel. Alonso and Vettel decided to not go for a fresh set of tires in the closing stages. Hamilton’s two-stop strategy worked to perfection as he hunted down Vettel and Alonso on lap 62 and 64 respectively. He won the race in a thrilling fashion.


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