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Manchester United: 5 memorable Premier League wins

Manchester United: 5 memorable Premier League wins

Manchester United 2-1 Sheffield Wednesday, 1993

Steve Bruce
Steve Bruce scores one of the most important braces of his career and for United

It can be said that this dramatic win by the Red Devils sparked the beginning of their domination after a long gap. United ended up loosing a close title challenge the season before and this time around as well, were in the middle of yet another title race, this time with Aston Villa.

United seemed to be losing points and confidence against a Sheffield side who were leading the host until the last 5 minutes. What happened in the closing period of the match also gave rise to the famous term ‘Fergie time’ that United were famous for.

Two towering headers from Steve Bruce, first in the 86th minute and then the winner, dramatically in the 96th minute made sure United won all 3 points and also the momentum to go and win their 13th league title. The agony of loosing out on the title race the season before were forgotten as United started their big march towards an era of complete domination in the Premier League under Sir Alex Ferguson.

The iconic scenes of Fergie and his assistant running onto the pitch with uncontrolled elation would not be forgotten by the United faithful.

The match had lots of stoppages including the injury to the referee and the 6th additional minute goal will be one that will be marked as a turning point in the title race. The brave header from Steve Bruce and the confidence the Red Devils drew from the win was so immense that, this would go down as one of the most memorable Manchester United comebacks.

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