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Marko Accuses FIA of Being Partial Towards Ferrari F1

Marko Accuses FIA of Being Partial Towards Ferrari F1

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During the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Scuderia Ferrari were made to sweat, as Charles Leclerc was under investigation. The Monegasque driver would only find out his fate after the race, though Ferrari should not have worried so much. This was because, the team only copped a fine of £50,000 and Charles Leclerc was allowed to keep his position, to the chagrin of Red Bull.

They protested vehemently against the decision and Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko dubbed it “a joke”. He admitted that he publicised the FIA’s investigation into the incorrect fuel load declared by Ferrari. He did this with the hope that “things are not swept under the carpet”.

Red Bull have arguably been the most ardent protestors on the legality of Ferrari’s 2019 power unit. Their repeated cries of wolf have led to a number of technical clarifications in order to diminish the Italian team’s performance late in 2019. However, Marko is convinced that the fuel-load saga in Abu Dhabi was a clear rules breach.

“The rules are clear,” he told Auto Bild. “The mild punishment for that offense was a joke.”

The Red Bull man dismissed claims that Ferrari’s rivals were only creating a hullabaloo in order to give themselves an advantage.

“It’s about fairness, about compliance with the rules, and about the equal treatment of all the teams,” he said.

“Ferrari’s engine was questioned on several points which are probably beyond any grey area, but nothing was done to correct it,” Marko explained.

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“If we suspect that there are any irregularities, we will definitely protest, and then Ferrari will have to disclose everything and the FIA deal with it accordingly.”

He even warned that Red Bull could step up its confrontation with Ferrari in 2020. With this declaration, it is clear that Red have a massive vendetta against Ferrari and will use every trick in the book to get ahead.


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