Max Verstappen

Not for nothing is Max Verstappen called the “Mad Max” of F1 racing. At Canada, the young Dutchman, holder of the record of being the youngest-ever race winner in F1 history, didn’t exactly have a great session during the qualifying.

And here is what you’ve got to know.

According to Helmut Marko of Red Bull, young driver Pierre Gasly is, in someways responsible for Max Verstappen‘s hit to the wall during the practice run for the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix.

Round seven of the 2019 F1 season brings us to the Gilles Villeneuve-land, a track where Mercedes have quite comprehensively beaten Ferrari with Vettel’s win in 2018 being the only exception.

But to that end, it may not be entirely incorrect to say that there may not be a great chance of seeing Max Verstappen finish higher up than his usual third or second on race-day. It may be down to the fact that when Max Verstappen, currently, fourth in the driver standings would approach the legendary wall of the champions, he may be mindful of having all but crashed into the famous “Wall of the Champions” spot of the track.

So what exactly happened that has led to all of this and above all, Marko suspecting that some part of Max Verstappen clipping into the wall was down to his teammate, Gasly’s error?

A leading publication made due note of Marko refuting Pierre Gasly’s take on the incident. It would share that:

“Dr. Helmut Marko disputed Pierre Gasly‘s suggestion that he was not adequately informed of Max Verstappen‘s position on-track ahead of an incident which saw the Dutchman clip the wall during the second practice session ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix.”

Even as he clouted the “Wall of the Champions”, it could be said that Max Verstappen was lucky enough to escape with minimal damage to his Red Bull. To that end, Helmut Marko was convinced about the fact that Gasly had been clearly briefed about where Max Verstappen was on the grid.

The journal would add the following:

Explaining his side of the story, Gasly said: “They told me quite late when I was preparing my lap behind Romain [Grosjean]. When they told me I started to push and then he was five seconds behind.”