Max Verstappen's Best Overtakes

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has a number of accolades under his belt. Being the youngest F1 winner is one of them.He has tasted podium success on multiple occasions in 2016 and a few moments of success in 2017. Now that he has proven he can compete head on with the best, the next few years will no doubt be interesting to see. Known for his aggressiveness on the track, he has produced some wonderful overtaking manoeuvres in nearly 3 seasons. We take a look at 5 of Max Verstappen’s best overtakes.

Max Verstappen’s best overtakes

5. Max Verstappen vs Daniel Riccardo – Malaysian Grand Prix 2015 , lap 23

Verstappen passing Ricciardo

In just his second race in Formula One, Max had a clash with his eventual teammate at Red Bull Racing. In the Torro Rosso, he made a move from the outside as they entered a hairpin, matching the movement of Daniel. It put him on the inside line for the next turn, where he made the move stick, passing the car of the senior Red Bull team. He would finish 7th in the race, and become the youngest point scorer in Formula One history. This is classified as one of Max Verstappen’s best overtakes this was how he announced himself to the world.


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