Methods for Betting on the NFL

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Although betting is limited throughout a lot of America, there are plenty of markets available for wagering a bet from across the pond. American football and NFL betting has grown in popularity over recent years, with far more fans of the sport than ever before. Betting on the larger fixtures can be a massively entertaining way of getting in the action, and almost every bookmaker now provides markets for doing exactly that.

As the amount of punters betting on American football has grown, so has the number of tipsters who offer their own NFL tips for the more recognised fixtures. TeamFA fall into that category, providing extensive coverage of all areas of American football. They always come up with insightful previews, strong bookmaker odds and NFL tips on all the biggest events in the sport.

Basic NFL betting markets

NFL Matches
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Any frequent punter will be aware that betting on the match result will always be the go-to bet to get behind, and the same can be said for betting on American football. The only difference is that there’s a lot of handicap options, which make your NFL tip more precise, as you’re predicting by how many points either side will win.

Some bookie sites and apps don’t even provide a Full Time Result market as most punters would prefer a Handicap bet. Predicting the total match points in NFL betting is something a lot of people like to get behind. Total Points, Home / Away Points and Odd or Even Points will always be included shortly after the Match Result and Handicap options.

NFL tips and special markets

The best opportunity to find NFL tips and recommended bets will be surrounding the Super bowl, which is the one event that highlights American football to the rest of the world. This takes place every year, usually in February, and is worth looking out for prior to it getting underway, as a lot of bookmakers offer enhanced odds on aspects of the Superbowl final.

Betting on American football isn’t solely limited to match betting. Some bookmakers will offer odds on the winners of individual end of season awards such as the officially accredited best player and best rookie. Manager markets and further specials will be made available on occasion, but this will only tend to be based on demand. If you want to see more markets on the NFL, you can request exactly what bet you’re after by getting in contact with your favoured bookie on social media.


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