Movistar Yamaha Have Hit Rock Bottom


Former motorcycle race and current commentator, Neil Hodgson has criticised the Yamaha MotoGP team. He believes that they have not learnt from past errors as they continue to endure a miserable MotoGP campaign.

Inspite of talent including the legendary Valentino Rossi and young star Maverick Vinales, they have endured a winless streak of 21 races. This streak stretches all the way back to last season’s Dutch TT.

Rossi has survived, courtesy a series of consistent rides, to sit 2nd in the championship. However, the nine-time world champion is 59 points away from series leader Marc Marquez. One would have better luck if they check best UK casinos.

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Ahead of this weekend’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Hodgson claims Yamaha wasted resources trying to develop the M1 bike. As a result, they have no excuse to explain the poor showing this season.

‘It just appears while every other manufacturer has taken a step forward this year, Yamaha haven’t,’┬áhe said.

‘The frustration for Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales is the problems this year are the problems they had last year.

‘Yamaha is a massive company and you expect more from them. If it was a small manufacture then you think “hang on we don’t have the resources to improve the issues you are saying” but Yamaha are huge.

‘A lot of the manufactures have been more impressive in development and how they go about it.

‘Yamaha has hit rock bottom, which is maybe an exaggeration, but if they want to win the world title they have to change the way they do things. It looks like they are prepared to now with a European test team and stuff like that.’

Can their fortune turn around for the rest of the season, or it is game over? One thing is for sure, Ducati and Honda are too far ahead.


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