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NBA 2019-20 Season Preview

NBA 2019-20 Season Preview

As we embark on a new NBA season, there is a bit of excitement in the air. The off-season has seen some of the most extravagant player movement in the tournament history. Some of the big names like Kevin Durant have made the move. Other big ones like Stephen Curry have stayed put and are embarking on a new legacy. All in all, there is so much to look forward to, as the teams get ready for the start of the 2019-20 season. All through the season, we provide some of the best tips and Sporty Trader betting tips should be your first point of source. As for now, have a look at how the teams are shaping up.

When you talk about the NBA in the recent times, you can’t not talk about Golden State Warriors. Three titles in five years and two other final appearances – the Warriors have been the golden team of the league. However, the ‘Golden Generation’ is being dismantled and the side is embarking on a new phase. The injured Kevin Durant is traded to Brooklyn Nets as the side looks to build a new era. Injuries wreaked havoc with their previous season – especially the finals – and there is hope that they bounce back. New players in the mix and old, experienced players leading them, but don’t be surprised if the Warriors miss out the bus. Understandably, at odds of 11.00 (bet365) they are far off from being favourites to win the Championship.

If the off-season acquisitions are anything to go by, LA Clippers should be hot favourites for the title. Last season’s best player Kawhi Leonard joins the team and so does Paul George. However, Leonard might have to be ‘managed for work load’, while George has gone for a shoulder surgery in the summer. Regardless, the Clippers have enough squad depth to take care of their absence and stay in the hunt. As the season goes deeper, the big names could lead them out in the playoffs and beyond. Little wonder then that the Clippers are the favourites to win the Championship at odds of 4.25 (bet365).

Last season’s 60-win team Milwaukee Bucks are certainly one of the top contenders. The loss of Malcolm Brogdon in the off-season certainly shortens their chances, but the side still looks strong for the regular season. Giannis Antetokounmpo will once again lead the Bucks and they will have their chances through the season. Repeating the 60 wins might be a bit tough, but fancy the side to go deep. And, the odds of 6.0 (bet365) on them winning the Championship suggest that they are not far behind the Clippers. A lot will depend on the playoffs, but the Bucks are a good value at the moment.

When you have LeBron James in your side and a hungry Anthony Davis by his side, can you rule them out? The LA Lakers have this duo in the squad that makes them look set for a title run. Danny Green has some very reliable numbers that make him a good squad player. And then there is the presence of DeMarcus Cousins. Injuries robbed him of his effectiveness last season and the Lakers will hope the start of a new season will bring the old Cousins back. At odds of 5.0 (bet365), the Lakers are just behind their crosstown rivals Clippers to win the Championship.

Mapping the Milwaukee Bucks Growth Trajectory
Giannis Antetokounmpo

Talking of favourites, how can you not talk about defending Champions Toronto Raptors. They owed their success last season to the performances of Leonard and Green. Both are gone this year and it remains a huge challenge for them to even make it to the playoffs. Even the odds of 34.00 (bet365) on Toronto winning the title look generous at this moment of time.

The acquisition of Kevin Durant has certainly increased the focus on Brooklyn Nets. However, injury is sure to rule him out for the most part of the season – if not all. That could only mean the Nets will have to wait for one more year before thinking of mounting a title run. The Nets have gone on to sign Kyrie Irving, but he might have to do with a set of young and untested players to lead his side. The Nets are offered odds of 23.00 (bet365) on winning the title.

Houston Rockets continue to be among the list of contenders and high on that list. Russell Westbrook and James Harden are probably two of the most offensive players in the entire league. Over the last three seasons, Harden has averaged 31.9 points while Westbrook has 26.8 points per game. Add the numerous assists and rebounds they made; this is a pair that can make the Rockets soar high.

Among others, some of the names that can surprise everyone are The Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets. Philadelphia have gone for Al Horford coup and that should put them in good spirits. Last season, the 76ers struggled when Joel Embiid was missing from matches. This time around, they should have no such problems. Josh Richardson is another good acquisition that should certainly make the 76ers worthy challengers. As for the Nuggets, the big man Nikola Jokic could be the one leading them all through. With players like Jamal Murray around, the Nuggets can be the dark horses of this campaign. While the 76ers are offered odds of 8.50 (bet365), the Nuggets come with slightly longer odds at 19.00 (bet365).


LA Clippers to win the Championship @ 4.25 (bet365).

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