Chris Paul (9x All Star)

18.7ppg, 5.7 rpg, 9.1 apg, 1.8 spg.

Paul was involved in the trade of the season when he left LA to link up with James Harden at Houston. The doubts have been dispelled if Houston can survive with 2 ball-dominant point guards. They have complemented each other and now, Houston look like a genuine threat to the Warriors domination. Recently, with James Harden out, Paul has been leading the team. Now they are back, it’s up to them to forge a stronger partnership in time for the playoffs.

In terms of his performance, he is still maintaining near similar career averages in points, assists and steals. His rebounding is at a career high (career average 4.5). His shooting overall has slightly gone down, but this is due to the faster tempo that Houston play at. However, his arrival has really helped bolster the defence of a team that completely lacked one last season.

Paul, who has had 6 point-assist double-doubles (he did not play in 2009-10), has a career average of 13.25 assists a game in the all-star game. That’s an NBA record and he is under 20 assists away from breaking Magic Johnson’s record for number of assists. If they start to play more real defence in the all-star game this year, Paul is one you’d want on your team.


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