Kawhi Leonard

NBA star Kawhi Leonard is undoubtedly one of the most talented players in the sport. However, outside the court, he is known to be a funny guy, though he tries his level best to stay out of the memes. Unfortunately, one personal trait of his will be considered food for the memes, particularly his laugh.

In fact, even Leonard has poked fun at his own laugh, the Toronto Raptors player did it when the team won the NBA Championships. The actual laugh itself was so hilarious that you would not need custom essay writing services to describe it

“A HA, HA, HA, HA,” Leonard said, to the cheers of thousands of Toronto faithful.

Leonard’s drawn-out laugh was a callback to his introductory press conference in Toronto when he gave a somewhat awkward answer and an extremely awkward chuckle after being asked what he wanted Raptors fans to know about him as a player and person.

“I’m a fun guy,” Kawhi Leonard said. “Obviously I love the game of basketball”

“There’s just more questions you’d have to ask me in order to tell you about myself,” Leonard continued, correctly noting the odd nature of the introduction. “I can’t just give you a whole spiel.”

He then laughed a laugh that would become a central meme for the NBA fans. Many have even gone on Twitter to have a chuckle, bearing in mind the old adage, “sometimes the laugh is funnier than the joke.”