The man that planned the Raiders’ move to Vegas is probably celebrating right now because his gambit has already started paying off, or so some people believe. Even if you are not a gambling man, you’ve probably kept an eye on Super Bowl betting odds.

A lot of people are betting on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl. It might not seem like the most impressive feat. After all, the Raiders are a popular team, and they’re pretty good, so there are people who think they will win the Super Bowl.

The notable aspect of this revelation isn’t the fact that people are betting on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl. Rather, it is the fact that the Raiders have the largest number of people betting on them to win the Super Bowl that has people curious.

While the Raiders’ migration to Las Vegas is still making waves, the move won’t happen for several years. That hasn’t stopped Vegas residents from cheering them on, almost as if they are already being recognised as Sin City’s home team.

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There is no other team in the league this year that has had as many people bet on them to win the Super Bowl as the Raiders. One does wonder whether the Vegas move has had any impact on the betting odds.

It would take brighter minds to break the numbers down to figure out which aspect has had the biggest impact on the popularity of the Raiders in 2017. But one cannot deny the popularity the squad is attracting.

Whether you look to Station Casinos or Caesars Palace or even CG Technology, each of these sports books will tell you that twice as many people are backing a Raiders Super Bowl victory as any other team.

They seem to be number one everywhere you go. And it isn’t like they were terrible before. Their initial 20-1 odds were pretty impressive. But now they have descended to 6-1, and it will be interesting to see whether they can keep falling.

The Raiders are still trailing behind the Patriots and their 3-1. The Patriots are, naturally, still the favourites in the NFL and one can only wonder how intense the debates between Patriots and Raiders fans will get.

While everyone is busy cheering the Raiders on towards Super Bowl victory, not to mention their odds in the AFC West where everyone expects them to win, Ed Salmons has made an effort to dispel the idea that the squad’s popularity is linked to their migration to Las Vegas. Ed manages Westgate Casino where the Raiders are favourites.

Ed doesn’t believe that anyone is even thinking about 2019 which is when the Raiders will officially move to Vegas. Ed believes that the Raiders won the hearts of football enthusiasts after their performance last year.

The team stood out because of its high scoring games. And after starting to cover spreads, the Raiders proved just how dynamic they could get as a team. They finished 12-4 last year which is respectable. The chances that they will be the ones to dethrone the Patriots are high.


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