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Helmut Marko Is Going To Miss Niki Lauda Dearly. Here’s Why.

Helmut Marko Is Going To Miss Niki Lauda Dearly. Here’s Why.

Niki Lauda

Niki Lauda’s sudden death has understandably saddened the F1 universe.

One does not always see the sport produce a driver of immense class and unbent will- the latter sufficiently explaining the ethos of sport.

To that end, there’s a vacuum that seems to have emerged following the departure of a man who brought a “rush” to the veins in a sport where unpredictability often reigns supreme.

Needless to say, therefore, that his dear ones are going to miss a driver who put the sport ahead of him and embodied values such as discipline and utmost simplicity, that may seem unfashionable to many in the contemporary generation.

Isn’t it?

But all that said, who is that one man who is missing Niki the most outside of Grand Prix drivers, if it may be put that way?

You may not be surprised to know that it is Helmut Marko. And, indeed it is the lanky and familiar figure at Red Bull.

The late great Niki Lauda and his compatriot Helmut Marko (who happens to be from Austria) shared a great bond over past several years.

Lauda and Marko are known to have enjoyed a sense of camaraderie, the duo shared insights and long discussions about a sport that gave them their identity and in the end, us fans, such jolly good men!

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Here’s what the septuagenarian had to say about Niki Lauda, a man behind 3 world championships:

“ I knew he was not in a good condition, but still, when the news comes, it’s a blow.”

Furthermore, Helmut Marko has said the following to the Austrian TV channel oe24.TV in a telephone interview, “ Throughout my racing career, Niki was my constant companion.”

The above said while many drivers can overtake Niki Lauda in terms of titles and wins and many more statistical attributes it remains uncertain as to how many drivers will come up through the ranks to reach the level of perfection and drive that Niki brought to the sport.

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