The Hall of Fame game takes place every year in the first week of August. The event is scheduled at this time to kick off the new season. The 2019 Hall of Fame game between the Falcons and Broncos featured some of the most talented athletes. Unfortunately, some of these athletes will not see their name posted on an NFL roster for quite some time or maybe never. But, most did get the opportunity to show off their skills.

Drew Lock

Drew Lock

Second-round pick, Drew Lock did not perform up to the fans’ expectations. Fortunately, many fans gave him a break because it is just the beginning. The quarterback was drafted 42nd by the Broncos. The game ended with Lock not scoring an interception or touchdown. But, he was sacked a few times.

Bronco fans still have hope that Lock will pull it together before the next game. If he can’t pull this off, he may end up spending a lot of time on the sidelines.

Ed Reed

Ed Reed

Unfortunately, Ed Reed set the tone for the entire NFL season. The Hall of Fame inductee was shown on television wearing a shirt featuring pictures of victims of police violence. This is something that started last season when the players decided to kneel during the national anthem. Unfortunately, this backfired terrible for the league and it could do the same this year. Since that point, the ratings have been in a free fall. The last Super Bowl had terrible ratings. In fact, the ratings hit a 10-year low. That is pretty lousy.

Well, the Hall of Fame game wasn’t much better. The ratings for the Hall of Fame game have already dropped 15%. The game between the Broncos and the Falcons drew a 4.1. Last season, the game managed to bring in a 4.8. Some believe that this is not a sign of things to come for the rest of the reason but it could be. Sadly, the sport of football may be changed as you know it. With too many politics involved and so many extra rules, it is sometimes tough to watch nowadays.

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The Outcome

As you already know, the Broncos faced off against the Falcons on Thursday night. It was a back and forth game that came down to the final minutes. In the first quarter, the Broncos managed to score a touchdown. They were up by 7 in the second half. However, the Falcons fought back by scoring a touchdown of their own. In the 3rd quarter, the Falcons made a field goal and went up by three points.

The Denver Broncos battled back in the final quarter. They scored a touchdown and won the game. The final scores as 14 to 10. It was a competitive game that most likely entertained the few people who did decide to tune in. Nevertheless, it was a good game and that is all anyone can ask for.

Pass Interference Rule

Football has changed a lot. The rules have become much stricter. In fact, many fans believe that the sport has too many rules now. On almost every single play, it is likely that you’re going to see a yellow flag hit the field. The refs are involved a little too much. This has definitely hurt the ratings and it makes the games a little less exciting. Well, the commission has decided to add another rule or two to the picture this season. The new pass interference rule is always freaking out fans.

Fans agree that the new rule slows down the game even more. There were far too many penalties and rules to begin with. The pass interference rule will get old in a hurry as one fan put it. Another went on to say that this season was going to be unbearable. There is a good chance that they’ll be right. With new rules like this, there is a good chance that the games will run much longer than they really should. And, the HOF game proved that the rule made little difference.

Not Over Yet

Thankfully, the NFL season is not over yet. There is a chance that things will get better in the near future. The preseason hasn’t started yet and the regular season is a month or so away. The regular season will begin on September 5th. The first game of the season will feature the Packers and the Bears. Are you excited? Or, are you worried that the new rules are going to bring things to a screeching halt?