Pierre Wache Named Red Bull Technical Director

Pierre Wache
Red Bull Formula One technical chief Adrian Newey

Earlier today, there were rumours that Adrian Newey would be leaving the Red Bull Formula 1 team. However, the Austrian marquee have issued a clarification that the Englishman will remain as the chief technical officer. But, they also announced that former performance chief engineer, Pierre Wache will be the new technical director. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner called it a move that is “part of the evolution” of the Milton Keynes team.

Wache joined RBR in 2013 and has been promoted to the role. Although Newey is still chief technical officer of RBR, the change took place due to his ongoing commitment to Aston Martin and the Valkyrie project. However, Newey still found time to be with the team for Barcelona testing, and is still heavily invested.

Pierre Wache
Red Bull Formula One chief technical officer Adrian Newey

Horner said, “It’s part of our evolution. Adrian remains CTO, Pierre has moved into a central role as technical director, and Rob Marshall’s position remains unchanged as chief engineering officer.”

Other key members of the RBR technical team, Dan Fallows (head of aerodynamics) and Paul Monaghan (chief engineer, car engineering), remain in their previous roles. Pierre Wache holds a PhD in fluid mechanics and started his motor sport career at Michelin. Following Michelin’s withdrawal from F1, he went to Sauber at the end of 2006, before joining RBR.

He is a tyre and mechanical specialist and his skill set complements aerodynamicist Newey’s own skills. Wache said, “I understand what this position represents. And the risk that comes with it. I won’t say it scares me. But I know the results that are asked with it. And I would like to show that I’m capable of achieving them. I won’t change everything, but I will necessarily work differently. Adrian worked more on the aerodynamic side of things, and I’m more focused on putting the power down on the ground.”

2018 F1 title
Christian Horner

Horner admits that Newey has enjoyed his F1 stint since the aerodynamic regulations changed for 2017. Horner said, “These regulations have definitely got Adrian’s creative juices flowing. He’s contributing well into the team, and enjoying these regulations. Obviously he’s spinning a couple of plates at the moment with the Aston Martin road car projects and F1, but it’s great to see him motivated and enjoying F1 again.”

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