Premier League Manager Defends Leicester Centre Back


As of now, the Euro 2020 qualifiers is set to kick off tonight as every team in Europe vies for a slot. To that end, the England team will be squaring off against Czech Republic on Saturday, 23rd March.

With two days to go, the mind games have already begun, with Czech Republic throwing the first punch. Burnley forward, Matej Vydra admitted that his team will likely target Leicester centre back Harry Maguire as he is the ‘weak link’. Whatever the case, Bong Da Truc Tuyen is the place to be so that one can bet on matches and find out who will make the cut for Euro 2020.

Coming back to Maguire and Vydra, Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock has rubbished such claims. Maguire was a vital cog in England’s World Cup run, but his form dipped when the Premier League resumed

Premier League
Harry Maguire

Warnock confessed that during Maguire’s Sheffield United days, he had major doubts about him hitting the big leagues. But now, the Englishman has made him eat his words as he comes of age.

“I must admit, I didn’t think he’d go that far at the time because I thought his pace would let him down, but he’s just been fabulous.”, Warnock said, speaking to talkSport.

“You can’t tell me that not many clubs in the Premier League who would want to snap him up if he became available tomorrow.”

“Good luck to him. He’s been credit to everybody.”

In the Euro 2020 qualifiers, the Three Lions will square off against Czech Republic, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Kosovo. Also sprinkled in the middle is a Nations League semi-final clash with the Netherlands. They will then face either Portugal or Switzerland in the final if they beat the Dutch.

However, that match is still a while away, to be precise, on the 7th of June.