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Proper Golf Course Maintenance Tips

Proper Golf Course Maintenance Tips

Setting up a golf course is a costly affair. As such, it is only fair to always have it in top-notch condition.

Maintaining a golf course is no walk in the park. It is a tough undertaking that needs to be done when golfers are not on the grounds. Furthermore, the noise from the mowers is likely to distract their game. You would not want to impede play, would you?

Scheduled maintenance should be done at least once a month. 

To ensure your golf course is properly maintained, below are some of the practices you should undertake.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Sand topdressing

Sand topdressing is crucial in any golf course. Golf course sand provides the perfect cushion for leaf tips and crowns and also reduces the production of algae. Apart from that, it increases ground firmness as well as creates a soft and spongy playing surface.

Perform sand topdressing religiously and golfers will love the firmness and resilience of the grounds.

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  • Aeration

Aeration is another way to ensure the golf course looks amazing.

For starters, aeration relieves compacted soil and prevents excessive thatch from forming. It, also, provides an effective way of improving the soil mixture around the grassroots.

During aeration, it is recommended that is also done below the turf. Learn to perform preventive maintenance on this one so that healthy turf is produced.

  • Eliminate ball marks

During play, golfers will hit the ball and as the ball falls from the sky and land on the ground, tiny craters will be formed on the putting green. With time, the increased number of craters will make future putts difficult and the grass will also be destroyed in the process

The best course of action is to repair them immediately. However, not many golfers will follow through.

What maintenance crew does is insert a ball mark repair tool 45 degrees behind the dent then gently pull the repair tool towards the center of the hole. They work their way around until the area is filled then level it by gently stepping on it.

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  • Repair divots

There are times when golfers accidentally slice a large piece of turf as they hit the golf, leaving a scar behind. 

You could replace the sliced portion side up then gently stepping on it. If the sliced turf is completely destroyed, the maintenance crew should use a divot repair mix to fill the hole.

  • Golf cart maintenance

Golf carts are also as important as your golf course. Service should be done every year but water levels and batter terminals should be looked at bi-weekly. They should also be cleaned and dusted regularly.

  • Prioritize on sustainability

Whenever you walk into a well-maintained golf course and marvel at the green serene environment, you should realize that it takes a lot of work. Lots of water and electricity have been used to create a vibrant atmosphere. Also, do not forget the massive amounts of fertilizers that are responsible for the natural green environment.

To prioritize sustainability, golf courses will make use of underground drains and pipes, computerized irrigation, and the use of natural humus to add nutrients to the grass among other things.

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