Red Bull – Aston Martin Valkyrie: When Formula One Technology met Style and Substance

Formula One Technology

Last year Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin pulled the wraps off the AM-RB-001, the birth child of the aerodynamic wizardry of Adrian Newey and technical prowess of the Aston Martin brand.

The result was a car fit for Mr. Bond’s official duties whenever the next movie comes out. This car is being considered as the next big leap in the hyper car genre. Comparisons to the legendary Gordon Murray designed McLaren F1 of 1994 is unavoidable.

The project was envisioned with two goals in mind. The first was to create a car that’ll achieve a 1:1 power to weight ratio. Second, to be at least as fast as an F1 car around a circuit. While the two goals can be termed as the project’s soul, the challenge lay in mating them to a road car.

So you want to beat an F1 car? What better way than to rope in the most successful designer in F1 history. A man who has delivered 10 championship-winning cars in his career. Someone who has taken the likes of Williams, McLaren and Red Bull to new heights.

As ambitious as the AM-RB 001 project is, the obstacles are no less daunting. To push a road car design to such limits required the imposition of aerodynamic characteristics of an F1 car to a road car, to an extent never seen before. All the Formula One technology is not easy to control while simultaneously keeping it under the norms of a road car.This is what the wizard has done by exploiting the sport’s technologies to trickle them down to his dream project. The car employs front and rear diffusers to generate massive levels of downforce and create a ground effect. While current gen ERS technology is also rumored to have made its way inside the hood. F1 grade suspension setup will also be introduced to cope up with so much force and power. The car is still miles away from production and there’s still a lot of honing to be done before it sees the light of the day.

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