BAC Mono

Formula One Technology

The BAC (Short for Briggs Automotive Co.) is small company run by two brothers Neill and Ian based in Liverpool, England. The brothers  founded the company with an intention to cater to the needs of enthusiasts by producing specialized sports cars. Their efforts came to fruition in 2011 when they rolled out a 2.3 litre 4-cylinder Cosworth powered Mono, a single seater road-legal sports car.

Being a single seater, the Mono is more closer to F1 than an average sports car but the similarity runs deeper than you think.

Formula One Technology

The Mono uses a rollover structure that is compliant to the FIA regulations. The same regulations that an F1 car must meet before being deemed fit for racing. Its single seater nature means it lacks the traditional dashboard. All the essential information from speed to fuel is displayed on the steering wheel just like a – yes you guessed it right – F1 steering wheel. The Mono’s steering is just as crowded as that of an F1 car with buttons for every purpose a road car needs right from indicators to a neutral button and a large screen in the centre completes the wheel that serves up as a speedometer, tachometer and indicates battery, oil and temperature levels. Accompanying the wheel are F1 inspired and now industry standard paddle shifters.

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Another canny characteristic that Mono shares with F1 is that the Mono is custom built around the purchaser’s body shape, just like an F1 car. So the seats, pedals and steering wheel position are made specific to the ergonomic requirement of the purchaser.


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