McLaren P1

Formula One Technology

Dubbed as the spiritual successor of the legendary McLaren F1, The McLaren P1 is filled up to the brim with Formula One technology courtesy McLaren’s presence and its heritage as an elite team within the sport.

Built on a now sports car standard, carbon fibre monocoque chassis which was derived from formula one car, McLaren scrounged deeper within its F1 division to propel the car ahead of its rivals.

On the engine front, the car’s twin turbo V8 engine was mated with an electric motor to work in tandem akin to the current F1 cars and produce a staggering 908 bhp while also being able to work on a standalone basis.

The car also comes with a DRS whereby the active rear wing of the car becomes flat to reduce the drag and downforce produced allowing an increased straight line speed by the press of a button on the steering wheel exactly like a formula one car.

The P1 also came equipped with the KERS tech harvesting energy under braking to provide a boost to the driver with the tap of a button.


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