3.Roger vs Jake garner (Us open final 2009)

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Match situation: In this final against the inexperienced Juan Martin del Potro-Federer was completely dominant for the 1 set and three-quarters as he led 6-3 and was serving for the set at 5-4 and the score was 30-30 when a deep forehand which was called out by the linesperson was challenged by del Potro and he won the point (as the ball had clipped the line). So instead of getting a set point Federer faced a break point and ultimately lost the set 7-6.This probably had to do a lot with his outburst at 4-4 (Federer serving, advantage to Federer) in the third set.

The Incident: Del Potro’s return at the left near sideline was called out by the linesperson. This meant that Roger had won the game and both the players moved towards the chair for the change of ends. Delpotro asked the umpire for his views o the call and Jake Garner told him that it was a close call.

After a delay del Potro challenge and this instigated Federer and he told the umpire that he could not allow the challenge as previously in the tournament he was not allowed to challenge after a couple of seconds and del Potro took more than 10 seconds. Federer went on to ask the umpire “if they had any rules” and on being told by the umpire he went ballistic and told the umpire “Don’t tell me to be quiet, okay? When I want to talk, I’ll talk. I don’t give an s*** what he said.”


Aftermath: Federer eventually went on to lose the match which later on went to be called as The Hawk Eye final. Federer was fined $1500 for swearing at the umpire.


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