4.Roger vs Mohammed Lahyani ( Madrid masters final 2012)

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Match situation: Tomas Berdych had taken the first set 6-3 in the final of the only tournament to take place on blue clay. In  the second set, Roger Federer was 3-0 up in the second set with Tomas Berdych serving.

The Incident: Roger Federer played a brilliantly  disguised drop shot of the backhand wing. Thomas Berdych defying all odds made a forehand lift shot and Federer missed the incoming backhand passing shot. Federer argued with the umpire Mohammed Lahyani that the shot Berdych made was my fact a double bounce and supported his claim by stating that  the ball contained topspin which was only possible if the ball had bounced twice before coming on the racquet.

Aftermath: Though Roger Federer’s serve was broken in the next game, he went on to win the match. Replays showed that the ball and indeed bounced twice before hitting Berdych’s racquet.


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