1. Roger federer vs Jake garner (2007 wimbledon final)

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Match situation: Roger Federer was leading Rafa 2 sets to 1 with Nadal up a break in the fourth. Previous calls in this match had not gone in Rogers favour and that may have contributed in this outburst.

The Incident: Nadal played a brilliant inside-out forehand down the line which prompted a weak Federer reply. He followed it up by another one down the Line but it was called long. Nadal challenged and the ball kissed the line (1mm). Federer was utterly shocked and went on to the umpire to claim that the ball was surely long. The umpire said he too thought the ball was long but the Hawkeye pointed to the contrary.

A dejected Federer lost his serve again.On the changeover, he told the empire that he was happy at the first place that Nadal challenged as he would ‘burn’ as Federer was completely sure the ball was out. Then a childish voice that bordered to being funny he asked himself “how in the world that ball could be in”.

Aftermath: Federer lost the fourth set yet he won the match. Federer’s stance against the Hawkeye was further strengthened (as this technology was introduced in the slams recently) which led to many disputes with umpires in the future.


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