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Haven’t you heard the rumour yet?

Haven’t you heard the rumour yet?

With the league season wrapped up in most parts of Europe and very limited footballing action left, there’s a growing smell of something we’ve been acquainted with frequently – TRANSFER RUMORS!

To most regulars and football addicts, this time period definitely has to be, HANDS DOWN, the most ‘AMUSING and BEGUILING’ phase of the season.

Let me tell you why exactly.

Firstly, you’ll find several, and by several I mean countless press articles claiming Transfer Signings ‘DONE’ even before the window officially opens.

Secondly, I bet someone out there has this machine that feeds all players into one side and clubs in the other to come up with the weirdest rumours containing all possible combinations.

And finally, sources? Article originality? These rumours conveniently have no such origins, or no such authentic ones, at least.
However, despite all these drawbacks, being desperately addicted to the game, people like us need the Rumour Entertainment Quotient every year.

So let’s take a look at what we’ve in store, creeping towards end of May.

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