Lou Gehrig – Luckiest Man on Earth

Lou Gehrig was one the greatest first baseman of all time. A New York Yankees baseball player, he set several major league records during his glittering 17 year old career. One such record was the one for maximum number of consecutive games played (2,130) which stood unbroken for 56 years. In an era of no internet or even proper television, Gehrig was one of the sport’s most popular names.

Such a great player though was considered unlucky to be diagnosed with ALS, a disorder now referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease in North America. It ended his streak and forced him into retirement. Gehrig though was a champion. He faced it bravely and gave his “Luckiest Man on Earth” speech at the Yankee Stadium before retiring. He called himself lucky to have known so many greats of the game, to have played with and against them in his career. He said he was fortunate to have had such lovely fans and support throughout the 17 years of his career. He also spoke about his family and they pillar of strength they were for him. A champion in the truest sense, Lou Gehrig sent out an inspiring message of courage to all sports lover and left his legacy on the game in one of the most moving sportspersons speeches.


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