Damon Hill

The 1990s was Williams’s era. The team had started the decade strongly and won the Driver’s championship in ’92 and ’93. A subsequent ban on electronics did destabilize the team and led Benetton to move ahead.

Senna was to lead Williams’s charge but the maestro’s unfortunate death put the team into an abyss. The reins suddenly came into Damon Hill’s hands. The Brit ably lifted the team’s spirits.

Come the final round of the season, he was a genuine title contender. Aided by Schumacher’s disqualifications and race ban, there was only 1 point separating the two. The finale, held in Australia, saw Damon chasing Schumacher for the lead. The German cracked under pressure on lap 36 and ran wide, damaging his car in the process.

Hill made a half-baked lunge on the inside at the hairpin. As a result, the two collided. Schumacher was out on spot while Hill continued. But the damage was too heavy to bear for the car. He was out of the race because of a broken left-front wishbone. His title was squandered.

Schumacher won the championship by default.



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