Tiger woods social media followers 

Tiger Woods is undoubtedly the most popular Golfer in the world. Woods also has a huge fan following on social media, even though he is not that active. 

Twitter followers 

Tiger Woods has 4.46 million followers on his twitter account. 

Credit: Youtube

Instagram followers 

Woods has 2.7 million Instagram followers. He is the male golfer with the most followers on the platform.

Credit: Youtube

How rare

Woods is not a frequent user of Twitter or Instagram, and he has made only 18 posts in the latter. However, Woods uses Twitter to make official announcements or provide updates and has made .

Credit: Youtube

His closest competitor

Rory McIlroy ranks second behind Woods, and he’s way behind the 15-time major champion in terms of the numbers. Such is the insane popularity Woods has gained through his golf career.

Credit: Youtube

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