Roger Federer Pulling Off ‘GOAT Sh*t’ With Absolute Ease Against a Helpless Nick Kyrgios Leaves Tennis Fans in Splits

Nick Kyrgios is conventionally associated with controversies. Wherever the Australian tennis star goes, some contention follows. However, recently, a video of an old match between Kyrgios and Swiss tennis legend, Roger Federer, resurfaced on Instagram. What shocked the fans was not the 20-time Grand Slam champion’s marvelous shots, but the reaction of the Australian after losing the point to the Swiss legend.

When Roger Federer stunned Nick Kyrgios with his remarkable shot-making.

In the snippet, from one of the matches between the Australian tennis star and the Swiss legend, one can see how cleverly Federer played against Kyrgios.

What happened during the point?

Kyrgios tries to trick the Maestro by playing a drop shot. However, Federer catches up to the ball with ease and composedly plays it across the Australian, at a hard angle; making it impossible for the controversial tennis player to return it. Kyrgios stood at the nets, dumbfounded, looking at Federer.

This expression of Kyrgios certainly didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

Some fans couldn’t believe the prowess of the 20-time Grand Slam champion, and said, “Mate, you sure you’re 37?” and “that’s too good,” “Absolute GOAT sh*t.”

While some thought that Kyrgios was getting a reality check.

They said, “The look he gave Federer was the moment he realized that he was playing the best player of all time.” While some added, “Who do you think you are when you play with Maestro?“

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