‘Don’t Like That Part’- ‘Superbrat’ John McEnroe Recently Recalled Distasteful Serena Williams Comparison That Bothered Him for 25 Years

The Battle of Sexes match in tennis was the breakthrough in bringing popularity to Women’s tennis. The original nine, including the tennis great Billie Jean King, laid the foundation of the Women’s Tennis Association. And a few years back, a movie was made on the same game, involving Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. However, the Super Brat of tennis while reviewing the movie didn’t like a part that involved both him and the American tennis legend, Serena Williams.

John McEnroe details the troubled Serena Williams segment in ‘Battle of Sexes.’

While reviewing the movie Battle of Sexes, McEnroe provided favorable details including liking the movie. In addition to impeccable work done by the actors in portraying Jean King and the tennis Gambler, Bobby Riggs. However, the famous match-up led to an undefined and unfulfilled contrasting rivalry between Serena Williams and John McEnroe.

The win prediction in favor of Serena against McEnroe has not been welcomed by him. 

As he further opened up about the predictions of being beaten by the younger Williams siblings in the movie review titled, ‘Tennis Legend John McEnroe Breaks Down Tennis Scenes From Movies’ by GQ.

What did McEnroe say?

He said, “Although, I’ve had to hear it for the last 25 years, That Serena Would have beaten me. So, don’t like that part, but besides that, it’s a pretty darn good movie”

A match of contrasting nature always interests the audience.

The power battle between the female and male tennis players was certain to draw record attention for everyone. And that culminated in the historic event, the Battle of Sexes; between the tennis legend, Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

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