Nintendo games you haven't really heard of 

With many awesome games being continually released on Nintendo, you might have missed on games which were released but never really heard of. Here are the top 7 Nintendo games you might have never heard of. 

Human Fall Flat 

You need to solve puzzles in this game, while also controlling your character who seems to be a little too wobbly. 

Credit: Fall Flat 

 Gato Roboto

This Game is styled in black and white pixel art, totally old school feels. Well here, you are a cat stuck on a planet and are fighting aliens.

Credit: Gato Roboto

Screencheat unplugged 

This multiplayer game is played in separate sections on the same screen. Where you and your friends need to fight each other with a wide variety of weapons. 

Credit: unplugged 

 Door Kickers Action Squad 

This is a co-op platform shooter, where you get different characters having totally different play styles. 



This game has got a mechanism just like Dark Souls, with an intriguing storyline. Here you play the role of a kid in the post-apocalyptic world. 


Unravel 2

Another co-op game, which is also a two player puzzle game. The game has also got some of the most beautiful scenery which will definitely keep you engaged. 

Credit: 2

Katana Zero

This indie game has got a great story and also has worked on its innovative gameplay. Along with the colors of this game, the soundtrack is also pretty delightful.

Credit: Zero

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