From Gerrit Cole to Nolan Arenado- Top 5 highest paid MLB stars 2021

MLB stars have been competing in intense battle as the post-season is coming closer. Let's have a look at the top 5 highest paid MLB stars. 

Trevor Bauer 

Los Angeles Ddogers Bauer has a full contract of 3 years, worth $102 million, making him the highest-paid MLB player. As he is earning $40 million per year. 

Mike Trout 

Los Angeles Angels' Mike Trout is the second-highest-paid MLB player with earnings of $37.1 million. 

Gerrit Cole 

New York Yankees' Gerrit Cole is the third highest-paid athlete, with $36 million earnings in 2021. 

Jacob deGrom

Jacob deGrom is getting paid $36 million by the Broklynn Nets in 2021. 

Nolan Aernado

St.Louis Cardinals star Nolan Arenado is getting paid $35 million in 2021. 

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