Best and worst harry Potter games ever made

Having an endless amount of Harry Potter games have made us go through a fine childhood. Here are the top 7 best Harry Potter games. 

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Following the huge success of Pokemon Go, many developers tried their hands at making their own augmented reality games. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite falls into the first of these brackets.

Credit: Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup is a great Harry Potter game, and also an enjoyable sports game in its own. The game of quidditch is an exciting one and translates surprisingly well into video game form. 

Credit: Potter: Quidditch World Cup

The Sorcerer's Stone 

If you want to start with the Harry Potter games, this one is the best to start. This game although only has a good PC version; the console version is a sluggish downgrade in every aspect.

Credit: Sorcerer's Stone 

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a mobile game that should do the job until, then. Obviously, since it is a mobile game, it won't have the greatest gameplay in the world, but it is fun to experience the Wizarding World this way.

Credit: Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Chamber Of Secrets does what any sequel game should do; it takes everything that was great about the first, expands upon it, and does everything better. You get to fight Aragog the spider to solve puzzles. 

Credit: Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

The Prisoner Of Azkaban is pure gold. Rather than just playing as Harry, the player could control all three main heroes including Ron and Hermione.

Credit: Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban

LEGO Harry Potter: The Collection

LEGO Harry Potter: The Collection is like most LEGO games; tons of stud collecting, puzzles, and fun missions. In many ways, they are very similar to the early EA Harry Potter games.

Credit: Harry Potter: The Collection

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