Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mods that a PC version Could've had

Many veterans of animal crossing new horizon are on the verge of quitting the game, because of the lack of content. But recently, a question occurred: what If ACNH was available for PC? And what mods would the players like to see in the PC version of this game?

Crops and Food Mod

Players want a food and crops mod, in which they could cook and see more greenery and vegetables around them. 


Hug the villagers 

One of the players also said he would like to Hug the villagers. As ACNH is an interactive game, this could actually be used by Nintendo. 


A game inside game

Another interesting thing that Nintendo could use in future, is to add mods that lets the citizens play games along with each other. 


The weather idea 

A mod can also be added which tells the weather details, every morning in the game. It could be possible to tell who is on your island or other information related to your surroundings.


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