best battlefield games of all time

Since its first launch in 2002, Battlefield has been liked by most gamers for its storyline and gameplay. But which of these games actually stand out in the whole franchise, let take a look at the top 7 Battlefield games. 

Battlefield: Bad Company 

The storyline of Bad Company is about an army battalion named "Bad Company,"  who are fighting off the fictional First Russo-American War. This was a promising start for the frostbite engine praising the atmosphere and graphics which were way ahead of its time. 

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Battlefield Vietnam 

As the name suggests, Battlefield Vietnam is set during the infamous Vietnam War.This game is built using the same engine as the Battlefield debut title. EA has worked creatively as it took the 1968 Battle of Huế and implemented it on the game. 

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Battlefield 3 

Battlefield 3 was undoubtedly one of the best Battlefield games in the market, built with the second generation of the Frostbite engine. The game sold over five million copies within the first week alone and broke EA's record as the company's fastest-selling game ever. 

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 

2010's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was set in 1944, several years before the events of the first Bad Company. It still centered around Private Preston Marlowe, the first game's main protagonist, and Sweetwater, Haggard, and Sergeant Redford.

Credit: Bad Company 2 

Battlefield 1 

set during World War I and consisted of four different campaigns from different War events. Battlefield 1 sold over 15 million copies and received numerous high-profile award nominations while also introducing a number of new ideas and features which would help to the series to grow more.

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Battlefield 1942 

Battlefield 1942 was praised for its interactive and engaging multiplayer mode. About the sales, it generated a little over $27 million in revenue.

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Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2 has a special place among the fans' hearts for its online multiplayer mode that lets them team up to six soldiers. Also this game had a huge variety of 15 maps which could be explored by the players.

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